Born of The Generous Earth

Volcán de Tequila in the central lowlands of México has not erupted for 200,000 years, but the earth releases its energy in another way, through the magical Agave Azul. The rich, efflorescent soil of the region nourishes the agave, endowing it with the unique flavor components that make our tequilas so irresistible.


Distilled With Pride

Our process is a joyous marriage of traditional and modern techniques, a romance of art and science. After careful harvesting of the agave by skilled jimadores, we employ advanced methods and equipment to extract the plant’s precious juice. This innovation is our gift to you.


Aged To Perfection

After continuous column distillation, our Plata tequila is estate-bottled, capturing its pure, vibrant spirit. Our Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo tequilas are set aside to be aged in American White Oak bourbon barrels from 7 months to 3 years. The carefully managed aging process imparts color, richness of flavor, and the nuance that sets Republic Tequila apart.


Produced Sustainably

Respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainability are core values at Republic Tequila. The pulp remaining after the extraction of agave juice is recycled producing steam that powers our entire distillery operation. The circle is completed when the resulting ash is utilized by local farmers to fertilize and replenish the fields for the next generation of agave.

Crafted in small batches to ensure absolute quality, our tequilas are fermented with a proprietary yeast and distilled to our exacting standards.