Smoky notes of caramel and banana delicately entwined with warm oak and ash. Expertly layered, impeccably smooth.”

Like the state it’s named after, Republic Tequila is crafted with passion and determination. Republic Tequila Extra Añejo is the crown jewel in our portfolio of celebrated tequilas. It is carefully distilled from mature blue agave, which is hand picked in the rugged fields of Jalisco, Mexico, where tequila originated. After distillation, Republic Tequila Extra Añejo is patiently aged in one of eight carefully selected charred oak bourbon barrels for over three years. The result is a tequila rich in color, with unparalleled smoothness and a flavor like no other. Each bottle is a salute to the fiercely independent character of the only state in America that was once its own nation. There is none finer. We invite you to come and take it.